Sunday, July 11, 2010 , 3:37 am
Randoms rants.

i have decided not to edit anymore of this blog. partially is due to my laziness and this were the hard works of mine few years back.

time flies, when i 1st started this blog im like 15? or so. now, im 21. so much changes.. army is through, now im heading back to studies.

in 2010, what had happened?

Jan, nothing much, still serving the nation doing whole lot shit as usual. but enjoying what im doing thou.

Feb, got promoted to the rank of CFC. it wasnt easy, been thru whole lot and i finally got it. and in name of Infantry, i got my rank. awesome. at least a CFC to cover the shame of didnt go into Specs course due to PES status and size(of cos.) and to make my dad proud.

Mar, preparing for ORD.. stayed at home most of time doing nuts. hahahaha. oh yes not forgetting getting wisdom tooth extraction. it sounded painfull but it was ALRIGHT! haha. im those kind who are afraid of pain, but apparently this was nothing to me.

Apr, continuation of the extraction and last but not least my ORD. my RSM actually praised me as a good soldier when he signed my clearance. and my chief clerk and CO actually gave me a testimonial! which is good as in looks presentable for me when my employers wants to see the records of my NS. heh, i performed well. :D

May, had my 21st birthday celebration at downtown east. didnt expect so many people actually turned up for my parteh. the sight was only descriptable using three letters, W O W. it was magnificent. seriously. im happy that almost all my friends attended which rounds up to about 50? or more and relatives adding up to nearly 30. total of about 80 person. last but not least my whole family was there. totally appreciated. my mum, dad, sis and granny spent so much time in getting me wet by asking my friends to sabo me. it was definetely memorable. photos taken, memories.
went to taiwan as well, i actually slimmed down after the trip. thanks to my sis bringing me for some route march even after my service to the nation. its so so damn screw up. but, well, had a ok one.
May was quite a tough month, visited the hospital almost every day as my dad was admitted to the hospital on my actual birthday and i celebrated in the hospital.

June, it was the toughest and the worst month. i dont know how to say, but it was the worst month ever in my life. Dad passed on after one month in the hospital. it happened so suddenly which we dont expect it. he was in good condition before we actually advised him to the hospital due the his frequent chest pain. we thought that it might be good just to have a check. he was doing fine even during my trip to taiwan. but things changed after he shifted in the normal ward. he started to see things and his condition detoriates. and in the end he actually bled in his brain causing him to go into deep coma. we stayed 24/7 to accompany him, hoping that miracle will come upon him. however, god was helping him to fight the war, but the opponent are far too strong. doctor says that he can fight at most for 2 days, but his will power was so strong that he fought thru 11 days before he actually got defeated. he is so strong and powerful. its something that i must learn from him, to be strong and powerful no matter what has come upon. as long as you give in your best, you are the winner. i just cant help now but tearing while missing him. with that i must really learn from him to be strong. i cant be a weakling here crying. the responsibility has been passed down to me as im the only guy at home now. my sis is however still a female, thou she is having the responsibilty as she is the oldest, i must work thru to take over sometime. it has been five weeks since he left us, i still cant take the fact that he actually left us. i really miss him. oh god, im sounding so gu niang now.

okay. so far i have updated what has happened so far and i shall stop here. i think i will go bonkers if i continue cos im stopping myself to weep. ciaos~

Friday, June 25, 2010 , 7:12 pm
Under Construction..

okay.. it had been really a loooooooooooooooooong time since i last blogged in this blog. its time for me to reactivate it a little bit. since i have plenty of time. So.... yup. i will start blogging a little bit after im done with all those bits and pieces of this webpage. so Stay Tune....

Thursday, November 12, 2009 , 11:38 pm

haha. im finally a QD. :D but i couldnt received my driving license on time as im overseas that week. awww. shit.. which means i can only get if on 30th. arse. hopefully it comes earlier. :D

Tuesday, October 06, 2009 , 10:19 pm

dont know what to blog. lol. i've been bottled. rofl. okay. update again another day.

Sunday, October 04, 2009 , 2:37 pm
Epic Phail.

LOL. after so long...
im here t0 actually BLOG.
i meant BLOG. lol.
since how long man? haha. hasnt been a regular blogger yea.
seen pretty much spider webs alr. and some unattended tags.
here i am to blog some stuffs before i head off out.
hmmm. okay.. quick updates.
i failed my 1st TP test. omg... lol. okay.. i failed becos of 2 stupid kerbs.
im too nervous to think that much. and tadah. i failed. okay.. pretty stupid.
gonna have a retest next month. kinda fast. but still okay. hmm.
yup, a man can nvr go out without a driving license. so i must have a license ASAP.
yup yup. okok. im running late. update whenever i have time.

P.S. i finally lost 4kgs off my body mass. :D more to come.

Thursday, July 30, 2009 , 8:57 pm

been sometime since i last updated.
haha. okok.

went for calvin's chalet. his 21st bdae.
lol. for no reason my phone is ringing since morning.
super xiong duty the previous day. no choice and cant slp.
went out at about 2 with uming to fareast.
last min grab of his prezzie.
super dilema in getting those stuff. dont know what to get.
in the end, still manage to get it.
went over to meet kelvin goh and hai at bugis. last min grab again.
lol. the wrapping paper is like freaking ex.
its like 5 bucks for one a2 size. and the fact that its now missing.
rofl. headed towards pasir ris aft that.
meet my twin and jon.
slowly, my phone starts to get flooded by human calls and smses.
you know, its damn pekcek when phone calls and smses comes when you are playing games.
was playing mahjong when those calls and smses came. LOOOOL.
full of crap that day. didnt win in mahjong thou.
super alot of good tiles but didnt played with money at the start.

met up with jm, jh and darren at jp after buying my ranks at chevrons.
catched up a little. and went for L4D. lol.
super addicted to L4D. hahaha.

went for driving in the evening.
clearing stage 4 alr. covered 2 test routes. one was chuied like siao.
the 2nd better. overall still okay. not that panick alr.

yups. thats shld be about it. pictures up soon. when i have the time.

Saturday, July 25, 2009 , 12:49 am

did some edits.. shall update soon. im lazy and i think the blog is starting to rot...